10,000 Miles to a Whole New World

Hello my name is Tyler DeKorte. I am a student in the College of Business Administration studying Accounting and Finance with a minor in Economics at the University of Pittsburgh. I was born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. At Pitt I am a member of Phi Beta Lambda, Enactus, Pitt Club Cross Country and the Undergraduate Finance Club. I will be in the 4th semester of my college career while I am abroad. I will be taking courses in Sydney to enhance my knowledge of international business as well as Australia’s diverse culture and long history. While I am abroad I will also be working 20 hours a week at H&R Block. I am very excited for this opportunity to both study as a full time student and have an internship.

So, I am going to Sydney. Why Australia you might wonder? The Great Barrier Reef has always been my number one travel destination which piqued my interest in studying abroad in Australia. Once I began researching Sydney and all of the potential travel destinations in Oceania I was certain I wanted to go to Australia to study abroad. I am very excited especially given that it will be the peak of summer. With so much warm weather during my semester abroad it will be the perfect time for travel. I love to hike and swim, and with the Blue Mountains just over an hour away and all of the beaches in Sydney I look forward to frequently enjoying these hobbies while abroad. Traveling to New Zealand, up the coast to Cairns, down to Melbourne and many other areas are on my to do list. All of these exciting potential travel destinations are all a possibility during my three months abroad.   

I am ecstatic about this opportunity not only because of the travel opportunities, but also because of the developmental opportunities. Academically being able to continue relevant coursework toward my degree while living in a foreign country is very exciting. Having the opportunity to study International Finance in an international environment is the perfect situation. Professionally I am so excited to have the opportunity to intern with such a well known and reputable company. This international internship will also give me insight into foreign business for the future. I can’t wait to get to Sydney, only 1 month and 10,000 miles away!