The Moment Vienna Became a Reality

Being abroad has been a total adventure.  Every day is something new and exciting.  There are two unique moments that bring abroad became very real.  The first was when I was sitting with all of my new friends on one of my friend’s terrace playing card games and I was surrounded by all of these people from all of these different places telling stories about the crazy experiences they have had.  I then realized that I had never been in such a foreign place.  There wasn’t a single person at that table that had the same background as me or even spoke the same native language as me. It was a really interesting realization.  The other moment was when I was walking around the city center of Vienna and was looking up at all of the mammoth palaces built by the imperial dynasty.  They are so grand and historic and, in this day and age, simply couldn’t be replicated due to the rare materials and the craftsmanship techniques that have died out.  The architecture in Vienna is just awe-inspiring and is nothing like anything you would find in the United States.

After I had this big realization of “oh wow this is very different and an experience that I could never have back home” I think I really appreciated and strive to make sure that I get a lot of really good, quality friend time in while I’m here.  I’ve had so many funny conversations talking about my friend’s cultures and traditions, they have taught me funny phrases in their languages and also warned me about what their cultures find insulting.

I also made it my mission to see as much of historic Vienna as I could and learn about who lived here or why the building was built as I could, knowing my time was limited.  My friends and I wandered around, soaking up all of the beauty.  We also made sure to take a walking tour to get all of the facts and information about the beautiful architecture and buildings that make up Vienna.

Between my friends and the city, I knew I was in a totally new place about to have a totally new experience.  My time in Vienna has been full of amazing memories I’m still amazed by how lucky I am.