70 Days until Buenos Aires!

My name is Harly Stuyvesant. I’m a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, studying supply chain, finance, and getting a certificate in international business. And, on February 28, I’ll be flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study abroad with Pitt’s Global Business Institute.


I’m originally from State College, Pennsylvania (and yes, both my parents graduated from Penn State but  I still decided to go to Pitt). I have a little sister, a dog named Murphy, and a cat named Kevin. Some of the things I like to do include drinking lattes, wearing clothes, listening to music, and going to the movie theater. I also like hiking, swimming, skiing, and yoga. I play drums, and teaching myself how to play bass.


I love school. I’m an extremely passionate student. I’ve just finished up my term as president of the supply chain management club where I engaged in networking activities to connect business students to the professional world. Also, you might have spotted me working at the Music Library on campus. And, last summer, I interned at a video software start-up called Panopto. And, two summers ago I traveled to Costa Rica on the Plus 3 program to study the supply chain of coffee beans. I love learning new things and being immersed in new experiences.


So, that brings me to why I chose Argentina! I chose to study abroad in Argentina because of its vibrant culture and people. I’m so excited to meet the porteños, attend a barbecue, dance the tango, drink mate, watch football games, and stay out from dusk until down. Hours have already been spent scrolling through blog posts and googling pictures of Argentina’s surreal landscapes. Walking down the streets of Argentina, seeing all bright noises and people, slipping into a shop buy a coffee, and taking in everything sounds like a dream.


Further, I know I’m going to expand my knowledge and grow as a person while I’m in Buenos Aires.


Academically, I’m so excited to take classes like Managing Global Supply Chains, International Economics, and Analyzing and Exploring the Global City. It’s going to be amazing to dive deep into my international business studies and I’ll be able to complete the requirements for my certificate. By the time the program ends, I’m also hoping to gain fluency in Spanish.


Professionally, I think studying abroad in Argentina will help me gain many transferable skills. Staying with a host family and talking to new people every day will help me gain confidence and communication skills. I’ll have to adjust to the new styles of doing business––more focus on relationship building and less focus on timelines—which will require flexibility and adaptability. And, with the internship, I’ll hopefully gain real experience in an operations or supply chain management role that will help me find a job when I graduate.


Finally, personally, traveling on my own will really help me expand my worldview. I’ve only had a few opportunities to travel before, and Argentina will be the third country I travel to! I’m going to become more independent, more resourceful, and face tons of new challenges.


Only a few more months of packing and catching up on my español until I’m on my way to Buenos Aires. Ciao!