Off to London

Hello all, welcome to my blog! My name’s Will Komoll, Junior at the University of Pittsburgh. Here at Pitt I’m majoring in Marketing, with certificates in Communications and Digital Media. In terms of Pitt-associated curriculars outside of the classroom, I’m involved in Phi Beta Lambda and Pitt’s Public Relations firm. Last summer I worked in Nashville for the Hospital Corporation of America as a User Experience Intern, which introduced me to the professional realm of marketing that I’ll continue to engage in after college. This spring semester I’ll be stepping away from my regular routine to participate in the Global Business Institute program in London! While abroad, I’ll be taking several marketing courses, as well as working at Young Citizens as a marketing + communications intern.

Where to begin! Though I’m overwhelmed with excitement at the thought of nearly every facet of this trip, what excites me most is the opportunity to familiarize myself with the vernacular of those who live and work in London. Though English is London’s most widely spoken language and a majority of people I’ll interact with will speak English, I’m curious as to how our everyday language differs, as well as the implications associated with these discrepancies. People in the UK may react differently to a message than people in the states; an understanding of one’s target audience is essential to creating lasting relationships. This grasp of effective communication methods will be especially pertinent to my experience, since I’ll be working for an educational charity while the complex consequences of Brexit are in full swing. Aside from my development in the classroom and at Young Citizens, making conversation with Europeans across the continent is my highest priority. I still don’t fully understand what a jumper is, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to how English folk pronounce aluminum…

Every day that goes by, I add a new item to my “List of things to see while abroad.” I’ve filled a few pages of a Google Doc with places I want to see, and although this catalog has grown to be massive, I feel as though I’m just scratching the surface of what the city has to offer. As this list expands and the days before departure dwindle away, my excitement to leave for London continues to flourish. Among other things, I’m planning on seeing the 100 Club, perusing the Camden markets, riding the London Eye, walking through Denmark Street, enjoying afternoon tea with the lads and attending concerts across the city. From what I’ve heard, the music scene in London is spectacular. There’s a folder on my desktop specifically dedicated to concert venues in London. Whether it’s an aggressive punk concert or a cordial walk through Hyde Park, I’m looking forward to writing about my experiences and what they meant to me. I hope the silence I’ll settle into on the commute to/from work will provide me with enough peace of mind to process what I’ve seen, and that my entries here will capture and reflect the pieces of my journey I’ve found most rewarding. Thanks for reading my introduction post, I look forward to keeping you updated!