A Brief Intro to Me

Hi, everyone. My name is Wenjie Yang. I am Junior at Pitt and I am currently studying Supply Chain Management and Global Management. I am an international student and I come from Shandong Province, China. I like to travel and try a variety of food from different cities. I went to some places in China and especially I like hot and spicy food in those cities! Apart from trying food in new places, I also enjoy making food for myself in my leisure time. When I feel very stressful with academic questions, cooking and trying to make new dishes help me relax a lot! So, I could not wait to figure out new food during the exchange semester. In my freshman and sophomore year, some volunteer activities connected me tightly with the college school life. A volunteer activity had a great impact on me was when I had a trip to North Carolina. As a team, we truly participated in construction work to construct a house for those who had difficulties. This really taught me to do teamwork and help those people who are needed!

Professionally, I had an internship this summer in a food machinery company in China. Being as a translator, my job was to work with some sales representatives and met with customers to find what they want and provide possible solutions. I learned a lot of professional knowledge about food machines and how to present them to customers. Also, I was very lucky that I went to Thailand in June to attend an official exhibition. I had an opportunity to learn and improve my communication skills when met with different customers.

I get so excited that I will be exchanged and studied at the Berlin School of Economics and Law next semester. I started to think about studying abroad since I checked the Pitt study abroad website last year and I get so lucky that I am chosen as an exchange student now. As an international student at Pitt, studying abroad is not an unfamiliar name to me. Look back the three years I spent at Pitt, I felt very fulfilling when I studied with another language. Therefore, this gives me great courage to study abroad in Germany and I am also very looking forward to the local life there!

One of the reasons that I choose the Berlin School of Economics and Law is because that I have taken two intensive language courses — German 1 and German 2. In those two classes, I could have done some basic German conservations and I believe this exchange program shall give me a closer chance to oral practice. Therefore, I am looking forward to improving my German! Apart from that, I expect to really engage in local life since I would like to see the great cultural differences between western and eastern countries. Academically, this is a great program since it offers me a variety of business core courses which I could choose to fulfill the academic requirements. Thus, if you are very interested to take some business classes while studying abroad, I would highly recommend this program!

I could not wait for myself to start the exchange semester right now. So, I hope I shall explore new things when I am in Berlin!