Australia, Here I Come!

Hi everyone, I’m Alyssa! I am currently counting down the days until I depart for Sydney, Australia for the upcoming Spring Semester.  To start off, I’d love to tell you a little bit about myself.

I love being a student at University of Pittsburgh, and I am extremely sad to be leaving campus, but I am even more excited to explore the international opportunities that Pitt has to offer. I’m currently a junior in the PittBusiness school studying Finance and Business Information Systems. Outside the classroom, I’m involved in a social sorority, a professional business organization, and as a Campus Manager for a t-shirt company. When I find free time between my academics and extracurriculars, I love to explore the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh (especially the restaurants), go to hot yoga, and hang out in Oakland with my friends!

I’m hoping that my studies and involvement at Pitt will lead to a successful career in the financial services industry in the future. I want to apply all that I have learned (and will continue to learn), with my hardworking personality, and passion for working with people. While in Sydney, I have the incredible opportunity to intern with a technology investment firm. I can’t wait to use this opportunity to grow my knowledge and skills, gain invaluable hands-on experience, and develop relationships with finance professionals while in Sydney. In the past, I have interned with an international event planning firm in Paris, France and Farnborough, England. This experience has developed my communication and cross-cultural skills, and I hope to continue this while abroad in Sydney.

I’m most excited to study abroad because it combines my two favorite things– traveling and meeting new people. The adventures, experiences, challenges, and opportunities that I will have while in Australia will shape me as a student, professional, and a person in ways that I can only imagine! I chose the Global Business Institute Program in Sydney for several reasons. First, It has always been a dream of mine to travel to Australia, and I will never again have an opportunity like this to immerse myself in it’s exciting culture. I can’t wait to travel throughout Australia and it’s neighboring countries, see as many beaches as possible, and adopt their culture as part of my own. The beach is my favorite place on Earth, and in Sydney I’ll be surrounded by them! Second, Sydney is a hub for international business and is the ideal place to grow as an young professional in the field. Lastly, I chose Australia because I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I have done some international traveling before, but this semester I will be completely independent, and further from home than I have ever been. Being completely independent will help me grow significantly, and learn so much about the world around me and about myself.

Stay tuned for all of my adventures, and hopefully some incredible pictures!