La Mia Prima Settimana a Firenze

Salve tutti,

Voglio iniziare con un breve introduzione in italiano. So che ho fatto la giusta decisione quando ho scelto di studiare in Firenze è la miscela perfetta ta una grande e una piccola città. È meraviglioso di camminare a notte sulle strade del acciottolato e vedere le luce della città sul’Arno, è come un sogno. Spero che nel futuro io possa includere non solo le foto di Firenze e altre città ma anche disegni delle città. Ma per questa opportunità devo ringraziare la mia famiglia, senza loro tutto questo non sarebbe possibile! Ed adesso per l’inglese. E ora perché non è ok di scrivere tutto di questo post in italiano, la parte inglese.

Well I am happy to say that my first week in Florence was a success. After spending a couple days in Milan prior to the program I arrived at the Florence train station on a chilly Friday afternoon. Having previously visited the city it was nice to see some familiar sights on my walk to the CAPA center. From the CAPA center I was taken to my apartment. I share an apartment with three roommates, two from Pitt and one from the University of Indiana. Despite my expectations, our apartment is quite large. We have two nicely sized bedrooms, a large dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen. The best part however, is that our apartment is situated just outside of the city center which means that it is quiet at night but is still close enough for pretty much the whole city to be in walking distance.

Our first weekend served as our program orientation. As part of the orientation we took a walking tour of the city of Florence including the neighborhoods outside the old city walls, which is when I took this awesome photo of the entire city. And then on Monday classes began, the majority of mine being three hours long, which is something that I’ve never had before. However, I believe that all of my classes will help to give me a different perspective as we will be taking a look at the subjects from not only the European point of view but also from a global point of view.

On Wednesday I met with my internship supervisor from Bigazzi, Santi e Associati, which is an accounting and consulting firm here in Florence, and received my first project for the semester. Although the work I will be doing is quite interesting I will unfortunately not be able to talk about it in detail because I was required to sign a NDA. Despite not being able to go in to detail I can say that this internship is going to teach me a lot about the world of consulting and finance and additionally will greatly increase my knowledge of Italian business language.

After returning from my meeting I made my first trip to a grocery store here, which may not sound all that interesting or exciting but going to a grocery store in a country where English is not the first language can be difficult. A prime example being that I bought what I first thought to be steak to cook for dinner, but upon further inspection back at my apartment I realized it was in fact pork. Aside from this small accident I have adjusted quite well to living here in Florence, granted it is a little odd to wake up in the morning and hear Italian being spoken outside instead of English.


A presto,