A Perspective from Richmond Court

Cheerio! Welcome to my first blog post in London! I arrived to this beautiful city just over two weeks ago. I am living in Richmond Court in a studio with my roommate from Pitt. When I first found out I was living in a studio, I was both sad and excited at the same time. On one hand, I wanted to live with new people from different universities. Simultaneously, I already knew the living patterns of my roommate which would make it an easier transition when learning to live in a new country. In the end, it worked out perfectly as Richmond Court is filled with 80 CAPA students living in both studios and flats.  

I love the Hammersmith area where Richmond Court is located. It is close to the tube station and lots of unique shops. Just down the road, there is a lively area filled with restaurants and shopping. Kings Mall Shopping Centre, home of the wonderful Primark, has been a staple location if I need any home items for my studio. I also recently discovered how to get to the Thames River from my studio. After walking down streets filled with colorful houses, I ended up by the river and was able to walk for quite a distance right around sunset.


In terms of the studio itself, I love how homey the studio is since it is just shared with my roommate. It was also helpful how CAPA provided us with flats that were equipped with items such as pots, pans, a TV, silverware, etc. Since I did not have to go buy all of the essentials on the first day, I was able to spend more time getting to know the area and others living in the building.

The only downside to my housing is the fact that since I am in a studio, my roommate and I have a bunk bed right in the middle of our living room. This is not the most ideal situation if someone wants to stay up later as they would be forced to work at a small table in our kitchen. However, I learned a lot more about personal space and respect thus far as a result of my living situation. Although it will be difficult at times, I think sharing such a small space with someone is a great learning experience.

Overall, my favorite thing about being in Richmond Court is definitely the people. I have met so many close friends already that I know are going to make this trip memorable. And hey, if they make the small studio life seem just a little bit bigger, then that is all that matters.