Arrivo alla mia nuova casa

After 2 flights, 12 hours of travel, and only 30 minutes of sleep, I gazed out plane window and the Cathedrale di Santa Maria caught my attention to remind of the beauty and adventure that lies ahead.

I arrived in Florence one day before my program with CAPA started. My friends and I decided to fly in ahead of time just in case of any complications with travel (which did arise for many other students). Once we landed, we decided to take advantage of the day (and beat jet lag) by exploring our new home and indulging in some authentic Italian cuisine. Then, after a much needed full night’s rest, we headed to the CAPA center where the staff provided us with complimentary taxi rides to our new apartments.

My apartment is about a 30 minute walk from campus, which is located right in the center of everything. My apartment is one of the furthest apartments available, but, to be fair, CAPA wants their students to be familiar not only with the heart of Florence, but also the beauty in the surrounding, more residential areas. This way we can be acclimated to the true Florentine lifestyle.

When I arrived to my apartment I was greeted by my landlord, who kindly showed me everything there was to know about the house. The house was fully furnished and the kitchen came fully equipped with pots, pans, plates, utensils, and the usual appliances. We have a laundry room with both a washer AND a dryer, which is rare to have in Florence. Aside from the kitchen and laundry room, we have a spacious dining room, a quaint living/sitting area, two spacious bedrooms, a generous bathroom, and access to a beautiful garden. I am excited to take advantage of the garden space once the weather is warmer. Overall, the house amenities exceeded my expectations.

Within 24 hours of my stay, I realized just how quickly money can be spent- especially with delicious food and luxury goods around every corner. The city is filled to the brim with shops both local and commercial– oh wait, AND luxury. Every nook and cranny of the city is detailed with art- even the food as you can see with my gelato. The colors, the architecture, the language, even the weather in this city is magical. There is just so much to see, I’m glad I have the whole semester to explore.