I’m Exactly Where I’m Supposed to be!

Greetings from the United Kingdom!  As you could guess, I’ve arrived in London and am just about done getting settled in.  So far, things have been quite the challenge.  Getting to our flat from the airport was a challenge because the tubes don’t always have lifts at the end, so I had to carry my suitcase up at least 30-40 steps while everyone walked past me staring.  I have a total of 4 other roommates living with me, so that is very hectic (but also fun).  Two of them are from Minnesota, and the other two are from Pitt!  Our flat is bigger than I imagined it would be which is extremely convenient, but it’s just disappointing that we don’t have a dryer!  Other than that, everything has been an adventure!

The photo I included in my post is the name of the part of town that I am interning at:  Covent Garden.  It was my very first day traveling by myself, and I thought the beauty of the plants would help me remember it as the amazing day it was.  My supervisor is the most inspiring person I have met in a long time.  She is so independent and knows exactly what she wants out of her business.  My coworker is also extremely great!  She is so informative, and she has shown me a lot of programs that I will be working with in the next few months.  I am so ecstatic to learn from these two women.  Luckily, my commute to Covent Garden isn’t bad at all.  It’s only a 30 minute trip, including the time it takes me to walk to the tube station and also to her store.  It’s my favorite area so far, so I hope things work out there in the end!

Going to school on the other hand isn’t quite as exciting.  Unfortunately the time it takes to ride the tube to my school is about the same as just walking it (20-25 minutes), so I always feel the need to just walk it.  I wouldn’t mind the walk if it weren’t on a busy 4 lane street where cars are always whizzing past!  I actually thought my school would be a large building, but it’s actually similar to a townhouse in a residential area.  The steps to the top floor are a killer, since we are discouraged from using the lift in the building.  I love the small class size though, so I’m excited to see where the semester takes me!