Professional Pups and Market Research

Working at Engage Research has honestly been one of the biggest highlights of my trip to London thus far. My excitement for this internship began when I found out that it was a market research company that focuses on consumer research, which was my top choice when I applied for an internship through CAPA. My excitement continued when I read on my CAPA program page that they had a full-time dog, Pintxo and a part time dog, Clyde.

Though one of the biggest parts of wanting to go into work on my first day were my new furry coworkers, the human ones that I’ve met and work with have given me just as much motivation to want to come into work. They’re all really supportive and insightful as I learn how to work in a professional office and conduct real market research for various clients.









I travel to Wimbledon every other day and work full days on different projects that they have been working on in various phases. I have done a lot of things that I have expected to be doing, along with things that are entirely new and unique. Some of my normal tasks include analyzing data, creating tables and graphs, assisting with PowerPoint presentations and even helping with scripts for various surveys we put out for our clients. As for the unique ones, if you told me that I would be checking scripts that were in French and German I would have told you were crazy. But, with assistance and direction I have been able to check scripts and even help with corrections in languages that I don’t even know how speak or understand.

I have to say that CAPA did a really great job matching me with this internship and I’m really glad that I sat down at the right table at the PittBusiness career fair, where Yelena, a girl who also studied abroad in London, told me that having an internship would make my experience which convinced me to apply for one.

From the material that I’m absorbing, skills that I’m gaining, the wonderful people I get to work with and the furry professional pups I get to see when I go into the office, I’m insanely happy with this position. Before this internship I never really got to work with market research besides when I was in my Consumer Behavior course last semester. I always thought that I wanted to work in an Ad Agency due to working with graphic design since high school and always assisting different organizations I’m in with their social media. This internship is opening my eyes and opening new doors that I’m very happy to walk through. I’m excited to see where this goes and where the fascinating world of market research takes me.