First Thoughts on my Life in Sydney (Blog 1: January)

It has now been exactly two full weeks since I have been in Sydney, Australia. I have had a week and a half of classes and internship.

I am taking three classes- Managing Global Supply Chains, International Marketing, and International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior. All classes are taught by Australian faculty and my classmates are a mixture of American students from various different states all studying abroad for a semester like myself. The classes meet only once a week but are three and a half hours long. The coursework is definitely manageable, but it is too early to tell the level of difficulty. In two of my classes we team up with the GBI students in London which I think will be an interesting new experience. The school that I attend here is called TAFE and it is located in Ultimo, about a 20 minute walk from where I am staying.

Originally, we were told that we were going to be staying in Urbanest. A dorm-like facility with suites and a 3 minute walk to class. However, due to the unusually high number of students this semester I was relocated to Goldsbrough. Goldsbrough is located  in Pyrmont and serves as mostly a long-term stay hotel. With that being said, we still were given a kitchen, living room, and free washer and dryer. I was a little disappointed when I entered my room- there was no natural light and the room could barely fit two beds- but I figured I wouldn’t be staying in my room much anyway. Thank goodness I already knew my roommate from Pitt! Although the interior is not ideal, I will say that it is in a nice location. It’s right next to Darling Harbour and is also close to the stations of all modes of public transit. It’s also conveniently close to where I intern!

I am currently interning for Diversus Group, an Australian based technology consultant firm. I am working directly under the Marketing Manager and am helping the company switch to a different marketing strategy- account based marketing. There are three ways to get there: bus, subway, and even walking. I’ve taken the bus to and the subway back so far just because it’s been so hot. I also enjoy being part of the morning and evening commute; it’s nice to see everyone dressed sharply! There are only about 6 employees at the office but everyone is very close and friendly. I also really appreciate my mentor and all that she has done for me to feel welcomed and needed.

As I close this blog post, I wonder how long it will take me to get used to the opposite way of traffic, how Australians talk differently and more quietly, and how to balance my time abroad.