My Aussie Routine – Blog #1

Almost two weeks have gone by and I am still overwhelmed with how much of Sydney I have yet to discover. I am staying in an apartment-style accommodation called Oaks Goldsbrough. Oaks is located in Pyrmont and just a short walk to Darling Harbour. There are a bunch of small cafés and parks surrounding the area.

Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments

I have three other roommates, two of which go to the University of Massachusetts and the other goes to Pitt. There are two bedrooms, two baths, washer/dryer, and a kitchenette. The apartment has two floors with the bedrooms located on the second floor. I love the high ceilings and huge windows that oversee the harbor. There are a few amenities (gym, pool, sauna, hot tub), but they are rather small for how many people live in the building. Because Oaks is not student housing, there are many families, some with children, who also live on the floors.

The CAPA Center

A few other CAPA students also live in Oaks, with the majority of the students living in Urbanest; student housing that features dorm-style living. Urbanest is located in Ultimo, right next to the CAPA center, which is where classes are held. Oaks, on the other hand, is a 15-20 minute walk. Although Urbanest is a lot closer to the CAPA center, I really like how Oak houses people who are not just college students. It is almost like a small preview of what life will be like once I graduate. My internship, Espresso Communications, is luckily a few streets away from the CAPA center. Thus, each week I walk the same route to either get to class or for my internship.

Despite the long walk, I greatly enjoy the commute. There are always people out and about and I get to walk past many little shops and parks. There is a bus that I could take to get to class, but it is usually quicker to walk.

Along with my daily routine, I also wanted to mention my general views about the city. Every time I walk around, I am in awe of the scenery. It is sunny most of the time with a slight breeze. When the sun sets, it gets cooler and the vibrant lights from the buildings and lanterns brighten the streets with color. The city is more alive at night with various crowds forming to watch street performers. Because Sydney has such a diverse population, there are various migrant communities each with their own special quirks and vibes. Chinatown being one example is a great place to go for food, entertainment, and souvenirs.

Chinatown, Sydney

Although I am becoming more familiar with where things are and navigating around the city, there is still so much I have yet to see. In my next post, I will discuss my goals and expectations while in Sydney before I am truly situated.