Becoming a Florentine

     While abroad I hope to be able to develop my ability to speak Italian. So far, I have learned many things like how to order food (which I certainly do every day) and how to ask for a bag at the grocery. I am learning how to use the internet to create blog posts for a business in my internship as well as learning how to properly research other competitors. I plan to accomplish a solid GPA by using my Sundays for studying and Saturdays for hanging out with the boys. Professionally, I will use this internship to develop myself in a new way by working for a startup and using what I learn for possibly making a startup later in life.

     I am living on Borgo San Frediano, a nice street near the Arno river. I like my street it has many restaurants and bakeries. The nearest grocery is about a quarter mile away which is very convenient. I can do daily shopping around my house for almost all my necessities. I have five flatmates and a nice roommate Jonathan, we are all working on our roommate relationship. It certainly has it’s ups and downs but I am trying to “kill them with kindness”. Our house has had many problems the first two weeks, some of them include: taking showers and making the restaurant attached to our building leak from the ceiling and a broken toilet as well as significant roommate disagreements on locking the door all the time. All of them have been pretty much fixed, so, I look forward to living here and figuring this place out. I do love the kitchen in the house as I use it daily for cooking. I appreciate cooking so much I bought a customized cooking apron at a local store knitted with my name on it!

     Also, the location of my home is decent. It is only a two-minute walk from my internship and only a 19 minute walk from my classes each morning. Here in Italy I have no car or bike and this is probably for the best. Everything in the city is within walking distance and I have no problem getting my exercise in with this method. The weather here lately reminds of Pittsburgh in the spring, cold overcast and rainy, truly reminds me of home. I have a bus pass but almost never use it unless traveling for a school trip. The train system is only used for getting mainly from city to city so I have only used that to get to Pisa from Florence.

    I have a little advice for people coming to Florence. Make sure to and eat steak alla Florentine. I recommend Trattoria Mario for lunch and some nice pizza or pasta for dinner. Also watch Florence soccer, they put on a good game for the fans.


Signing off,

Sam Impellicceiri