Finding My Way Around London

I have been living in London for almost a month now, but it feels a lot longer than that. I did not think I would be this acclimated to London in the short amount of time that I have been here so fast. Getting around the area of the borough that I live in, which is West Kensington, has become increasingly easier every day. I thought that for the first two months I would need the help of a GPS, but I now know how to get to where I need to go without one. I did not think I would be able to that so fast. I am able to get to the school and my internship classes without hesitation, I know exactly which street to turn down and know whether it is a left or a right. Because London sometimes reminds me of the USA, I do not think I have experience my “oh my gosh, I’m abroad” moment yet. I have stayed in the UK for the time that I have been here and I think when I finally leave the country and realize that I am in Europe will I have that moment.

My internship experience at first was not what I was expecting. I had an interview with my internship placement and it went well, but I was informed that the position was not a good choice for students. Fortunately, I had another placement right away and when I had my interview, I had a much better experience and they asked when I would be able to start. Even though it did not turn out right the first time, I know that internship I’m at now is the better choice for me. I was able to connect with my supervisor and my coworkers immediately. They are all such nice people that they made me feel comfortable. They often invite me to lunch and sometimes to the pub after work. I really enjoy working here and I’m so lucky that it worked out like this and I would not change a thing.