First Day’s in Sydney

I have been in Sydney for about 2 weeks now and it has been an amazing experience so far! I am currently living with 3 other Pitt students in Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments here in Sydney. We were assigned rooms and roommates through our program, CAPA. The area we are staying in is really nice it is right next to Darling Harbor which is a really nice area with lots of restaurants around. The weather has been beautiful recently, very hot compared to back in Pittsburgh but I’m not complaining! I have been trying to get to the beach as much as I can because of the weather. So far, I have been to Bondi and Coogee beach and they were both very nice beaches. We also recently went on the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk with Professor Bangs from Pitt. The walk had some amazing views and Professor Bangs was nice enough to buy us all gelato at the end of the walk. I am excited to continue exploring the beaches in the area and different parts of the city as I continue the semester.

                While I am in Sydney for the semester, I am taking 3 classes as well as a part time internship. My internship is at Garlos Pies where I am a finance intern for the company. Garlos Pies is a meat pie manufacturing company, apparently meat pies are a big thing here in Australia. I’ve had the pleasure to try some of our pies and they are much better than I expected. Safe to say I’ll be having a lot of meat pies throughout the semester. Unfortunately, my commute to work is over an hour long from where we are staying. I have to take 2 trains and walk 15 minutes to get to work. I need to get in a better habit of waking up early as I continue to work this semester. Other than that, my internship is going really well, I enjoy working with so many friendly and determined people. The three classes I am taking are Australian Literature, Global Cities, and International Finance. I am eager to learn more about the city of Sydney through my Global Cities class and continue learning about finance from an international aspect. As for Australian literature I am not as excited, mainly because I’m not much of a writer/ literature aficionado. Nevertheless, I hope that my classes will be interesting and provide a nice understanding of the city and its history.