A Day in my Life

So, now that I’ve lived here for a few weeks, I have established somewhat of a daily pattern and route for my commute to school. My first class of the day is 9am (…which is early for me) so in the mornings I get up with the sun, get dressed, and then, I also like to pack my lunch because, well, I’ve got a student budget. Fortunately, groceries in Florence are super affordable and the quality and freshness of the food is much better than back in the states. After my lunch is made, I like to head out a little early so I can treat myself to a croissant or coffee on my way to class. As I mentioned in my prior post, the CAPA program likes to spread its students out, and my apartment happens to be a 30 minute walk from campus. The CAPA program does cover transportation costs, so the bus is also an easy option to get to the center. But, the walk is pretty much a straight shot to the Duomo, and while it is a little longer than my walk to class in Pittsburgh, it’s so beautiful and interesting, and I always find something new whether it be a boutique, a cafe, or just a picturesque shot. The long walk also makes me feel just a little bit better about all the carbs and gelato I have been inhaling.

Like Pittsburgh, Florence is a very walkable city, in fact it probably only takes about an hour to walk to either side of the city. Some of the early days of the year do remind me quite a bit of Pittsburgh, with the overcast and rainy days. But, if I ever feel slowed down by the weather I quickly remind myself that I am in F L O R E N C E, and an opportunity like this does not roll around very often, so I have to take advantage of my time here. I have, however, accumulated a list of perfect rainy day activities including: museum crawls, inspired sketching or painting, writing, blogging, and shopping… or in my case window shopping. Luckily, the weather is typically very clear and it warms up much earlier in the year, so I don’t need to my heavy puffer as often which feels unreal to me. During the week I can just take advantage of what the city has to offer including the art around every corner, the parks scattered amongst the urban area, and the amazing views from anywhere- especially from the top of the Duomo or the Bell tower at Piazza Vecchio.