Settling in!

It’s been about a month since we have arrived here in Sydney and the city continues to amaze me. I think I have finally settled in to life here in Sydney and I am getting into a routine with my work and classes. Work and class have been taking up more time than I would like but I have still been able to get out an explore Sydney. This past weekend all of the CAPA students were able to visit a local animal reserve as well as the blue mountains. At the reserve there were so many adorable native animals like kangaroos (I finally saw and pet a kangaroo which was on my bucket list), wallabies, and my personal favourite the quokka. Quokka’s have no predators in their natural habitat making them so friendly. When you stick your hand down near them, they hug it and might even lick you! After we left this reserve we went to the blue mountains and did a small hike to a waterfall and then along the mountain range. The views were amazing even though the mountains were not actually blue. That trip was really amazing and it was all put together through the program so we did not have to pay for it. Nothing better than a free trip.

                The other day a couple friends and I visited Manly beach for the first time and I think it’s safe to say that it is my favourite beach so far. We got lunch at a burger place right across the street from the beach and it had a great view overlooking the water. Manly is my favourite so far for a couple of reasons. First of all, it doesn’t seem as touristy as Bondi beach, it wasn’t that busy when we went even though it was a perfect beach day. Also, the water is so nice and clear and the waves are perfect of body surfing. Manly is the perfect beach for me and I couldn’t wait to return. Earlier today Professor Bangs led another hike, this time it was from Spit Bridge to Manly. This walk was a little longer than the last but it had just as many great views as the last. This time Professor Bangs treated us all to milkshakes, it has been a real treat having him show us around and buy us things from his favourite dessert places around. The more I learn about Sydney the more I love it, I’m so glad that I chose to come here especially during the summer months!