Memorable Trip to Edinburgh!

Hey guys!

This weekend I think I had the best trip of my life. Me and my two other friends, Yash and Graham, went to Edinburgh for the weekend and we stayed in a hostle in the center of the city! This was not my first time being in Edinburgh, I went when I was like 5 so I don’t really remember it, but his was my first time staying in a hostle. I thought it was a really enjoyable experience because everything was clean and neat and the staff were nice. We had our own room with four beds but, the last person didn’t come in so we had the whole room to ourselves! Our flight when we went there was at 7:55 am and we were flying out of Stansted Airport (a HUGE hike from our flats). We woke up at 3:40am and got out the door by 4, caught a bus to take us to the train station, took a train to Stansted, and then finally got onto our flight. It was a very busy morning and by the time we got to Edinburgh I felt like it was a whole new day because I did so much before arriving there. The first day we went to a pub and tried haggis. I was really turned off by the idea of it but my friends and I all decided since we were in Scotland we had to try it. Turns out haggis is honestly really good! It came in a dish similar to shepherd’s pie where the meat was under a layer of creamy mashed potatoes–yum! I would definitely get it again if I went back. After that, we explored the old city, and Edinburgh Castle, and at night we did an underground ghost tour! For the ghost tour, we walked under the streets in these vaults where people used to live and store things in. It was insane how soundproof the vaults were because we couldn’t hear the cars or busses driving above us. After we finished with the vaults the tour guide took us to a cemetery where J.K. Rowling got inspiration for Harry Potter. We got to see Tom Riddle’s grave stone and the boarding school she based Hogwarts off of. The next day, my friend Graham and I went on a run to Pentland Hills Regional Park where we hiked up this MASSIVE hill. At the top of the hill I seriously thought I was going to blow over because the wind was so strong. Not to sound cliché but, the view at the top was breathtaking. I’ve never hiked a hill like that before and it was very rewarding to see the view after all the hard work of climbing up. Everywhere you looked you could see more hills and then when you turned around you could see all of Edinburgh and the North Sea. Later that day, Yash, Graham and I all went to Arthur’s Seat and ate strawberries at the top with views overlooking the city. The perfect ending to a perfect trip! That was the perfect trip because we got to do all the things we wanted and we didn’t feel like we were rushing to get everything done. I would definitely recommend going to Edinburgh if you’re looking for a fun weekend trip!


This picture is from Pentland Hills Regional Park. The featured photo is from the top of Arthur’s Seat.