Some random thinking

I want to discuss something mainly connected with my internship experience as it’s already the middle of this program. It’s undeniable that it’s the part I enjoy most from this program rather than exploring the city or taking classes in a completely different style.

As I mentioned before, it was a hard period for me to get used to the lifestyle which I need to get up at 6 am when the sky is still dark for my internship. It’s worth mentioning that one key term of my internship site is hospitality. I really love the working atmosphere there. For example, there were a few times I woke up late like maybe at 8 am so I would arrive at the office after 9. I was nervous and phoned my supervisor and she told me that it would be ok. The working schedule could be flexible as long as I work for enough time in the office. So accordingly, my office is lovely enough for me to conquer this difficulty. There are not many people in the HR department so it’s easy to get well with my co-workers. But sometimes there might be some small and interesting problems. 

For instance, the problem of accent. I have a traditional Asian accent and my previous study experience didn’t train me a lot in listening to the different accents of English. In the first few weeks, I always need to repeat and check what my co-workers have said. The different styles of handwriting is a problem as well. Once I was asked to record peoples’ votes for their favorite hosts in the hotel and the reasons for the votes. It was really hard for me to guess someones’ writing of the reasons for their votes and even sometimes for their own name. Sometimes my co-workers could help me guess the content but sometimes I need to visit the different departments to ask for the exact synopsis of their votes. It’s hard for me to imagine how hard people’s hand-writing could be recognized based on only twenty-six letters. remembered that one time I talked to my supervisor with people’s different habits in writing numbers in Romania, China and America. 

I think my advice for others transitioning into an international internship will be to keep a good and open attitude towards everything happen around you. Be realize of the potential diversity and boundaries and no need to be sensitive.