Ciao da Firenze!

Life in Firenze thus far has been nothing short of a dream! Every morning I wake up and make coffee in my Moka machine—which I just recently learned how to use. I am surrounded by rich art and culture, as well as people willing to share their personal histories about life in Firenze. I live in an apartment that overlooks the River Arno, Florence’s famous river that runs through the entire city. My apartment is not far from the city center and the famous Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s most famous bridge. Did you know, it was the only bridge that didn’t get knocked down during World War II?

My housing situation is an apartment with five girls total. We are all business students from the University of Pittsburgh and get along very well! 😊  It is quite large and in a beautiful location—I do not think we could have gotten any luckier! In our quaint, riverside neighborhood there is tons of great restaurants and coffee shops, which offer authentic Italian-style meals and delicious pastries. The commute to school is only about twenty minutes, fairly average compared to most students. We are also only a five-minute walk from the main train station, which is extremely convenient for weekend travelling. There is much to see and do in Florence, including museums, art galleries, hiking, shopping, and more! My favorite activity to do on a rainy day is go to a museum for a few hours and learn about some of the great Italian artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. On a sunny day, my roommates and I may take a short bus to one of the nearby hiking trails and spend some hours exploring new parts of the mountains. Finally, you can never be bored of shopping in Florence. Imbedded in the windy, narrow streets are hundreds of leather shops—each with their own unique purses, shoes, and other leather accessories.

My favorite part about living in Firenze so far is the FOOD! Before living here, I rarely ate pasta and cheese. Now I find myself having some form of pasta and at least 3-4 different cheeses in every meal. Italian culture is expressed through their food, so each meal is an experience.  Hopefully I will learn some of the Italian recipes so I can impress family members when I come home!