Living Situation Update

Little update on my living situation. I have smoothed out all the beginning bumps between me and my room mates. My goals for the semester are mostly the same but I seem to have reached a minor impasse with my Italian teacher. Unfortunately, I have been learning Italian a little slower than the other class mates in my Italian course and she is a bit angry at me about it. Oh well, I just have to keep trying my best and study a little more. I also will keep getting tutored by another teacher in the school. Professionally I have been doing big things, I have started an eBay business that is starting to make me an income that can feed me. It is not a lot but it is certainly better than nothing.

I still like the area I am living in but now that I have a traveled a good bit (I will get to this in my next blog post) I feel that Florence is one of the more pretentious parts of Italy. People care a bit too much about name brands and it is made up of half tourists and half locals. It is hard to get a “salute” (bless you) when you sneeze, especially in these parts. I do love the sheer beauty and artwork of Florence but not everything is always daisies and roses. The teachers here can be a bit stricter than back home but I am working to understand the culture and do my best to be polite.

To get to school every day I still walk across the river by foot. Some people prefer to take the cheap but effective city run Mobike, but I have no problem getting my exercise in by foot. The commute is totally beautiful I see the very famous bridge (Ponte Vecchio) every day. This bridge has a bunch of high-end jewelry stores on it. This is the picture that I have chosen for this article just because it is so unique and I pass it every day. I have yet to buy anything on this bridge but I imagine I can find quite the gift for my mom here. I do not really dislike the commute to school it is only 20 minutes and I do not mind it one bit. I have a few words for anyone who comes to study abroad in Italy. Be a little more obedient to the teachers here, sort of like a soldier, as well as try to be extra polite in class. Otherwise, you will definitely have some issues. 

Signing Off,