Spring Break

I cannot believe it is already March. The semester seems to be flying by and traveling on the weekends makes it go even faster. I just got back from my spring break trip and it was amazing. A few other Pitt students and I took advantage of the full ten days we had and traveled to Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest, and Prague. We prepared for the trip by doing a lot of research! Researching the different locations and cultures is very important so that you can make the most of your time. We made sure to look up what places we wanted to go and where we wanted to tour. For example, in Budapest we knew that we wanted to go to the Roman Thermal Baths, and we booked that right away!

We started our trip by taking an overnight train to Vienna, Austria. Taking trains in Europe is very easy and usually cheaper than flying! We tried to do as much by train as possible. Upon doing our research, we learned that Salzburg, Austria is very close to Vienna. After the first few days in Vienna, we took a day trip to Salzburg by train and took a Sound of Music tour because that is where the movie was filmed. I recommend to future study abroad students to take advantage of day trips! If there is a location that is nearby, it is worth it to try and go if possible. There are so many amazing places to see in such a short time.

We then took a two-hour train from Vienna to Budapest for the next portion of our trip, and that was one of my favorite places I have seen in Europe. We took a walking tour that was included with our hostel (many of the hostels I have stayed in offer this which is great) and got to see many of the famous buildings and castles, such as Fisherman’s Bastion. I love going on tours because it is great getting to learn about what you are seeing in person.

Although our trip went smoothly for the most part, there will always be bumps along the way! We took a flight from Budapest to Prague, and one of my friends had accidentally booked her flight for MARCH 27 instead of FEBRUARY 27. My next piece of advice: always double check. She got through security and it was not until we were at the gate that she realized she did not have a seat on our flight. Luckily, there was ONE seat left that she was able to purchase. It was stressful, but all turned out well. It is important to make sure you book the correct times and dates, it will save you time and money!