These Boots Were Made for Walking

If there is one thing I have learned from my commute to school and work, it is to wear comfortable shoes.  In Florence, walking is the main form of transportation. I packed a nice pair of professional heels to wear to my internship and I have not worn them once.  The walk is not long, but since most of the roads here are cobblestone, it is very uneven. Wearing heels is not worth breaking an ankle! My walk to work is about ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how many tourists are standing on the bridge that I cross.  This bridge, the Ponte Santa Trinita, is a popular place to take pictures of the river, buildings, and other bridges. Many times the bridge is so crowded that it takes me a little while to weave through all of the people. However, I don’t mind being slowed down because it reminds me to look around at all of the beauty as well.  Instead of putting my head down and pushing through the crowd, I will look around and remember how lucky I am to live here. I usually work until 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. so my favorite thing about walking home at night is the smell of food. Italians will sit outside to eat dinner in any temperature because there are plastic coverings and heat lamps.  So on my way back to my apartment I can see and smell delicious foods being served for dinner. My walk to school is about twenty minutes, but I usually give myself half an hour so that if I take a detour and get lost I can still make it to class on time. I try to take different routes to school every day so that I can scope out all of the shops and restaurants.  This is very different from my commute to class at Pitt because my walk to class is always within ten minutes there. However, I thoroughly enjoy the longer walk here because everything is new and exciting. The only thing that I dislike about being further away from school is that it makes me more likely to spend more money on lunch. I can’t really go home for lunch between classes because it takes too long, so I will buy a panino or pizza.  If I do this every day, it starts to add up. I could buy groceries and pack a lunch, but I will probably continue to go to restaurants because the food here is just. too. good.