Arrival Survival

Arriving in Buenos Aires was a bit of a trick. A flight from Pittsburgh to Miami to Buenos Aires. The latter was my first overnight flight and the largest plane I had ever been on. A boeing 777—I almost didn’t believe it was going to fly. I sat in the very last row of the plane. At 2 am, the flight attendants handed out microwave pasta (which was actually not that bad). The rest of the flight was a bit of a sleepless daze.


Getting through customs at the Buenos Aires airport, exchanging american dollars for pesos, then figuring out how to catch a cab took me approximately 5 hours (but on 2 hours of sleep so I don’t blame myself too much). After trying to walk into the wrong apartment building, I finally found Paraguay street, Graciela, and my new home for the next 4 months.


Graciela has a beautiful apartment in Recoleta, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. The elevator is old-timey with two doors that open and close and it creaks just a little bit. My room white and with huge glass doors that lead out to small balcony filled with plants. And, my closet is just as big, maybe bigger, than the one I have at home. I included a picture.


On my block, there are two pizza restaurants, a restaurant, a few bars, lots of kioskos (similar to bodegas), lots of stores to shop, and a park. So much is constantly going on. It’s an amazing place to be.


And, to make things even sweeter, I’m living with two other students from the United States. Mary, another student from Pitt, and Rachel, a student at Brown who happens to be completely fluent in spanish. They’re both very cool, very smart, and it’s nice when the four of us are all eating dinner together.


So much is happening and I have so much more to say, but I’ll leave it at that for for now.