The Second Half

After a nice relaxing spring break in Greece and a short trip to Palermo, I am back in Florence. Sparta, while not a particularly touristic city, was absolutely fantastic an I cannot say enough about the city. Surrounded on both sides by mountain ranges, the views in Sparta were absolutely spectacular. Most mornings I would wake up, walk outside and just stare at the Taygetos mountains for about 20 minutes (I’ve included photos). Although the city itself is rather small there is so much to do and see not just in the city but nearby as well; from the ruins of ancient Sparta to the Byzantine city of Mystras, hiking in the Taygetos, there was never a dull moment during the week that I spent there. However, it did feel nice to get back to Florence, it certainly feels so much more like home than the first day I arrived here. After being in Greece, a country where I could not read or understand a single word of the language, it was comforting to be back in a place where I can actually understand what the people around me are saying.



After successfully surviving midterms it is time to start gearing up for final presentations and exams. I know I’ve said this a lot but time moves so quickly here. In addition to classes I have also resumed work for my internship. The project I am assisting with is drawing to a close and although I cannot share the details, it is shaping up to be a success and it will be very cool to see this out in the real world and know that I helped to get it there. The work I have done has helped me to gain a better understanding of the differences between financial statements used in the United States and those used here in Italy as well as Europe as a whole. I have also gained a greater insight as to how industrial plans are put together and what specific research is the most pertinent and useful in these plans and presentations. Additionally, I have greatly increased my Italian vocabulary thanks to the translation work I have been doing throughout this project. My supervisor and the other employees at this firm are so incredibly friendly and have definitely contributed the most to making this such an interesting and fun internship. This experience has been so rewarding and its not even over yet. I definitely recommend to any students who may be reading this to apply for an internship position in addition to your study abroad. Not only will you learn valuable skills and have an internship in a foreign country (which looks great on a resume), but you will also be able to immerse yourself in a culture so much more.


Until next time,