Does the City of My Dreams Actually Live Up to its Expectations?

Before I got on the plane to come to London, I had a little idea of what to expect. Many people have told me that their semester abroad was the best time of their life thus far, and that they made many memories and lifelong friends. My friends had also told me that their internships had really helped them adjust to professional life, and that their experiences in their internships while abroad have given them a lot of things to talk about in interviews for jobs after graduation. I had not heard any good or bad news about the classes and professors at CAPA, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My expectation flying into London was that my classes would rival Pitt’s in terms of academic rigor and material.


In terms of academics, to be honest, my expectations were not exactly met but they haven’t been completely broken down. I have found that the classes are just as difficult as the classes I take at Pitt, which I expected. I did not, however, expect the length of the classes to affect me as much as they do. I knew that the classes were three hours long and that the professors give students a break in the middle, but I thought it would be easier for me to adjust. I still find myself struggling to pay attention to my professors after break. To solve this problem, I have found that instead of sitting in the classroom during the breaks like I normally do, it helps to clear my mind if I leave the classroom


My roommates and I at the Canary Wharf light festival!


Professionally, my internship has met the expectations that I set before I arrived. I am interning with MeWe360, a non-profit that matches people in the creative industry with a mentor in order to help them grow their business. I am specifically working on a project that MeWe360 is doing in collaboration with Deutsche Bank, the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs, or DBACE. Working with MeWe360 has given me a good sense of what field I want to go into after graduation. They have been giving me all kinds of different tasks in order for me to figure out what I truly like. My supervisors have been really helpful in teaching me how to respond to professional emails, improving my communication skills, and opening my eyes to the professional world.



At St. Paul’s Cathedral!


The two months that I have spent in London have been a personal dream come true. After wanting to come to London since the age of six, living here has over-exceeded my expectations in all ways imaginable. I have met some of the funniest, nicest, and overall great people through the CAPA program, and I know that I will keep in contact with them when we all return to the States. I was so excited to be able to see the sites of London at my disposal, and I am really excited to see a little more of Europe in the coming months!


*Written on February 17