Oh, the Daydream Begins…

With a short couple weeks left, I can’t help but be excited to return home.  Though I wish I could stay, I have to go back to Oakland and revisit Cathy, of course!  If I were to graduate and have the opportunity to live here, that would be another story.  Theoretically I don’t think that I would want to permanently be that far from my family and friends, but in a different world I would be happy to live in Europe!  After living here for almost 4 months, I think that I would have to say I’d want to be in a cute flat with a balcony for people watching in Covent Garden.  It stole my heart from day one, and I can’t get over it!  It gives such a small town feeling in an ironically giant city.  There is a lot of shopping, places to eat, and entertainment.  It is a tourist hub, and I am willing to be okay with that, specifically because I would feel like a tourist for the first 6 months of moving in.

Professionally, I think that I would like to have some sort of event planning career.  I’m still not really sure, so I might end up hopping around to a couple places.  The aspects of culture that I would further explore are probably the different regions of the UK.  I would like to see the difference in culture, accents, food etc.  I would also try to go out to pubs more and interact with locals a lot more than I am right now.  Connecting with locals, or even just people in the same boat as me but from other countries is something that would be very rewarding for my time here, especially if I move here alone.  Honestly, if I were to move to London, I can’t say it would be a permanent move.  It is very possible that being this close to Spain would tempt me to move there.  I am trying to connect more with the language, and that might make me want to connect more with the culture as well.  The access to so many different cultures and languages is such an advantage, but it might make me want to move away from London more.  This is something I’d obviously have to think about a while down the line.  Things change, and so do circumstances.

Overall, I think that I could really enjoy my time living permanently in London, but I truly don’t think that this is the place where I belong.  Being away from my life at home has really allowed me to discover different aspects of myself, and find out that I have some strange infatuation with Latin culture, and a strong desire to visit Mexico now…  Onto the next adventure I guess, but for now I have to enjoy the one I’m on while it lasts!