What were my expectations?

The world is becoming a smaller place and with globalization taking a front-seat, it was important for me to understand workforce diversity and cultural sensitivity. Through the study abroad program, I wanted to expand my global exposure through real-time experience, cultural awareness and internship opportunity, as I strongly believed that the learnings from this program would give me an edge to apply my knowledge in a modern workplace environment.

My expectations were completely accomplished through this program as it deepened my knowledge on the traditions and culture of Australia, which is strikingly different from USA. The real-time information enrichened my learning, broadened my horizon and brought about a fresh perspective to see the world through a global lens!

From an academic perspective, it helped me adapt to alternate ways of learning and experiencing a new education system which kept me challenged and stimulated. Understanding the economics of the Australia and the dynamics of international market forces faced by global challenges amplified my knowledge. The healthy debates around the current affairs of Australia in comparison to USA and my home country India, and its impact to the international environment, helped me adapt to diverse viewpoints when interacting with international students. Academically, I have become more adaptable and inclusive! 

Professionally, the internship program in Human Resource Management at Hotel Four Seasons, Australia was an enrichening experience. Working in a hotel industry helped me understand the organizational culture and enhanced my global engagements and interactions. Interacting with customers sharpened my communication skills and taught me to be presentable, outgoing and friendly. I came to appreciate what corporates are looking for in HR managers and was highly motivated. The learning experience was vast and no day was the same day! Professionally, I have groomed!

The opportunity to work in a global environment with international experts brought about my professional and personal growth. I have learnt to prioritize between my academic and professional life and work-life balance between my professional and personal life. I have become more responsible, independent, efficient, self-confident, adaptable and flexible. The global exposure has not only added value to my resume but has also helped to expand my horizon and network of international friends and colleagues, thereby creating avenues for future career opportunities. Personally, I have bloomed!

Having completed my high school in India (Asia), pursing my undergrad in Pittsburgh (USA) as an international student and taking the opportunity to study abroad in Sydney (Australia) has truly helped me gain tremendous exposure along with engaged learnings and hands-on experience. In this ever-changing dynamic world, this enriching experience has truly transformed my life from being a national resident, to an international citizen, to a global one.