Picturing my Life as a Florentine Resident

Wait– as if I’m not already pretending this is my permanent home?

Everyday I walk around the city as if I own this place. I pass by tourists annoyed that they are invading my city… (like I don’t do the same). But truly, over these past few months I have grown so comfortable making a home out of Florence. So let me daydream about what my life would be like as a full-time Florentine resident.

Where would I live?

As a young adult, I would want to live in the Oltrarno area of Florence. Oltrarno means “on the other side of the river”, which gives you a good idea of its location. This area is very lively and filled with actual Italian people!! That’s so exciting because the closer to the Duomo you are, the less Italians you find. And, some of the best restaurants are actually found on the “other side” of the river. Also, living in the Oltrarno area would call for frequent walks across the river which is always beautiful to see.

What would I be doing professionally?

My dream job would be doing some digital marketing for a museum or brand marketing for wine, something definitely art-oriented. One thing I have learned from various guest speakers in my International Marketing course is that many companies in Italy actually lack a marketing department. From my standpoint, I would consider Florence to be just slightly behind in the business world- but I don’t consider that to be off-putting. In fact, I think that would be exciting to bring a strong and fresh business perspective to the city, and I think being a candidate with the education Pitt provides us, would be very impressive to Florentine companies.

What aspect of culture would I explore further?

The politics. I have been here for three months, and I’m just not quite sure what is going on politically. I know there are constantly changes and pushes to be progressive, but the city and country are embedded in so much history that can make come changes difficult. Jenny McCord is my Italian professor here from the Italian department at Pitt, and it is evident that she is active in the political and social realm in Florence, so I’m sure I could learn a lot more from her!

Now that I have imagined my life here, you’re telling me I only have 17 days left?? That’s pretty cruel. I guess you’ll find me crying over all my pictures next semester in South Oakland.