Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Another week has gone by and now I have 12 days left in this wonderful city. I am so sad that this experience is ending yet so excited to go home again. This is always the part you don’t think about: leaving. What life will be like after study abroad (good thing its still a little early to think about that). I am still in my beautiful London and here to tell you my must-sees.

Notting Hill is amazing – and not only because there is a movie made about it. It is the cutest little town you will ever see. All the streets are painted with different colored houses and every corner has a new little shop waiting for you to go in and see it’s hidden treasures. It also has an AMAZING market on the weekends! There are a bunch of food tents set up with all different foods ranging from Chinese to Dutch to Italian. Also, the desserts were amazing. There was a stand with homemade donuts! Also there are a bunch of tents set up for the ultimate thrifter. They range from old crappy t-shirts to Burberry jackets. My friend got the most ridiculous sweater but she loves it to death. There are a bunch of stands with homemade items like jewelry and other fun crafts. A definite must see in this city.

Notting Hill is also home to my favorite restaurant – Egg Break. A few friends and I went over for brunch one day and I was blown away by the food! We went in the beginning of the semester and I am still thinking about it. I’ve had my share of breakfast food around this city and this place definitely takes the cake. It is a little on the more expensive end (as in not cheap but normal prices) but definitely worth every pent I spent. Also it is perfect for any instagram. Not the main reason to go there but definitely a big plus.

My second favorite area is right by the Westminster Bridge. This one is a little cheesy but it means a lot to me. My internship is in the building behind the London Eye, so I go to this area 3 days a week. I love seeing the London Eye emerge from the fog. Big Ben’s scaffolding sparkles at sunset with a gorgeous view of Parliament. It is also a gorgeous area to walk around. There are many old government buildings in this area which makes it fun to explore. It is also a short walk from Trafalgar Square; home to the large marble lions and the national gallery. This area is full of famous pubs and fun little touristy things to do. I know we don’t like to call ourselves “tourists” but they are things you have to do while here. If you didn’t do the London Eye were you really in London?

My third and final recommendation is Covent Gardens. What a fun area! It is mostly shopping but it also has some fun cultural stuff there as well. When you first step off the tube station all you see are higher end shops (and H&M because they do not follow the standards of segregating shops by price). Then you continue walking and you find a bunch of fun vintage stores and reasonably priced restaurants. It is a super fun trendy area. I’m not a big thrifter but even I enjoyed the shops over in that area. Also, I now know the difference in thrifting and vintaging shopping. I can say London has made me enjoy vintage shopping. Covent Garden is a really fun and cute place to go so I definitely recommend going either to window shop or for a fun night out on the town.

Although these are my favorites, there are so many amazing places in London that I haven’t mentioned. Someone once said “if you get tired of London, you get tired of life.” Every little corner is a new part of town waiting to be explored. I guarantee you will go to the places I said, and also many other places I haven’t been. The most important thing to know is that you just have to go out and get lost in the city! Every little district is fun new place. You will never be disappointed.