Looking Ahead

Hello Again!

After spending almost 3 months abroad and settling into a routine of work and school it is easy to imagine living here permanently. The quality of life and overall opportunity in this city is unlike anywhere I have ever lived before. There is so much diversity and culture, London would be a wonderful  and exciting place to start my career.

If I were to move to London permanently after graduation, I would probably choose to live in the neighborhood of Islington. Islington is a place where a lot of young professionals live, and offers a lot in terms of restaurants, bars, theatres, and other fun experiences. It is also fairly close to the City of London, where many people work. However I would be open to living in many other neighborhoods in the city just because the transit system is so efficient.  Because London is a global financial center, it offers a lot in terms of career opportunity. While I plan to start my career in consulting I know that if I wanted to switch industries I would have no trouble finding other paths to switch into.

What excites me the most about living permanently in London is the sheer diversity of people. There are so many different cultures and ethnicities in the city, and opportunities to learn more with festivals and celebrations happening year round. I find that people are very comfortable interacting with people that are different from them. Unlike in America sometimes, I never really feel out of place for my ethnicity or even my accent.

Moving to London wouldnt come without challenges though. Real estate prices are very high in the city, and many people are being priced out of trendy neighborhoods like Islington. Also the political issues with Brexit has caused some business uncertainty, as some companies have chosen to leave the country. Brexit has also provided uncertainty about the process for non UK citizens to obtain work visas. More personally, I am not sure if I would want to live so far from my family, and only see them potentially once or twice a year.

While there are pros and cons to moving to London, it is still an exciting opportunity that I will consider after graduation.