Should I Stay or Should I Go – Blog # 7

A common question people ask me since studying aboard in Australia is, “Do you see yourself living here once you graduate.” In the beginning of the semester, I thought that was a crazy idea. It never crossed my mind for me to permanently live in another country, let alone Sydney, and start my career. The thought of moving away from my friends and family for an extended period of time seemed very frightening. But then, I realized that I had done just that. I hopped on a plane, traveled close to 10,000 miles, and settled in an entirely new country for three months. Before studying abroad, I did not think that I would get to a point where I truly saw Sydney as my home. I looked to this experience as a temporary stay and saw my life in Australia as if I were peering from a window. There was some mental barrier that made me feel as though I was always going to be a tourist.

Fast forward 2 and a half months and my perspective has completely changed. I now feel more comfortable traveling around the city by myself and began to see Sydney as my actual home. Now when people ask me whether or not I would consider coming back and living in Australia, I can confidently say that I can see myself living here. I know that following graduation that I want to live in a major city. Studying abroad allowed me to have a short preview of what my life could eventually be like if I chose to permanently live in Sydney.

I was lucky enough to travel to Melbourne for one weekend. Although I only saw a glimpse of the city, I really enjoyed the artistic feel with the many street art and trendy museums. If I didn’t move to Sydney, I could definitely envision myself living in Melbourne, as well. If I were to live in Australia, I would hope to continue my career in marketing and live with a few roommates since housing is very expensive.

Hosier Lane in Melbourne

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A letter to whomever is about to study abroad in Sydney.

Dear Adventure Seeker,

Get ready for an experience that you will never forget. On day one you will meet others who you will forever share a memorable journey together. You are going to get to explore and try so much more than you can imagine. What I wish I had known before coming to Sydney was all the quaint and distinct neighborhoods. There are so many hidden gems that can only be discovered by moving away from the touristy spots. Many of the events planned by CAPA have been very worthwhile and it is good to take advantage of all of the activities the program offers. Don’t be scared to explore on your own; you are more likely to meet locals when alone than with others. In retrospect, I wish I had explored places that took the longest to get to in the beginning of the semester. This way, I would have been able to really maximize the amount of places I got to visit since traveling close-by is a lot easier than places that are hours away with limited time.

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I am saddened to be leaving this beautiful city in less than a week, but am utterly grateful to have lived in Sydney for 3 months to create lasting memories!