Ireland Here I Come!

Hi everyone! My name is Camryn Ward, but a lot of people call me Cami. I am currently finishing up my sophomore year in Pitt’s College of Business Administration. I am majoring in Accounting and Business Information Systems and minoring in Economics. I was born and raised in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, which is about 40 minutes outside of Pittsburgh. When I was figuring out where I wanted to go to college, I did not want to go to Pitt at all. I visited anyways, and after talking to Pitt Business faculty about the opportunities in the city and internationally, I was sold!

Coming into school, I thought I wanted to study Accounting because I thought it would expose me to the most areas of business, and I decided to add Business Information Systems because the world is growing technically at a crazy rate. My plan is to work in public accounting, and I’m on my way with a public accounting internship offer for next Summer. My work experiences up until this point have given me a lot of experience in communication and organization. Last summer, I worked at the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education and was a program intern for Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, a business and leadership camp for high school students. Last semester, I was a student extern at UPMC Shadyside’s Volunteer and Career Services Office.

This semester, I participated in my first study abroad program with Pitt Business. I participated in the Global Service Learning Bolivia project as a Pitt Business Student Consultant. I was on a team with five other business students consulting for a nonprofit in Cochabamba, Bolivia. During Spring Break, we got to go to Cochabamba to visit our company, which was the first time I’ve ever been out of the country. The project was a completely new challenge and a lot of hard work but choosing to apply was the best decision I’ve made at Pitt so far.

For Summer 2019, I decided to participate in the International Internship Program: Dublin. I choose an internship program because I knew I wanted to get international working experience to gain cultural competence. I knew that working abroad would bring completely new challenges that I have never faced before, so I would have to learn to adapt and pivot. I chose Dublin for a number of reasons. I have family ties to Ireland, so I wanted to finally visit and explore where my family is from. I also heard about the experiences my friends have had in Ireland, and I want to create a similar experience.

There are a lot of things I expect to get out of this study abroad experience personally, professionally, and academically. Personally, I am very eager to gain a longer-term international experience. Since I have friends also going to Ireland for the Summer, I will feel safe enough to leave my comfort zone and try to have as authentic of an experience as possible. Professionally, I hope to gain some good skills that I can transfer to my future internships and jobs. While I don’t yet have my placement for where I’ll be interning yet, I hope I’ll at least gain good communication, organization, and other soft skill that I can expect to learn at any job experience. Academically, I think I will gain good writing and reflection skills. Since I’ll be writing a weekly blog while I am over there, I expect that I will get better at reflecting on my experiences and writing them eloquently.

I am so excited for my journey with Pitt Business in Ireland. I hope I learn a lot and make memories that will last a lifetime in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!