Introducing Myself: Let the Countdown to London Begin

My name is Silvia Bononi and I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration. At Pitt, I am pursuing a double major in Accounting and Marketing as well as a Certificate in Leadership and Ethics (CPLE). In addition to my coursework, I serve as the Vice President of Community Service for the club Women in Business where I am responsible for planning and executing service events for our members. Although my involvement in WIB accounts for the majority of my extracurricular activities, I am also a brother in the professional business fraternity known as Alpha Kappa Psi, where I serve on the rush committee. Along with those two organizations, I am also an active member in the University of Pittsburgh Accounting Association. 

Professionally, I hope to pursue a career at a big four accounting firm here in Pittsburgh post-graduation and develop myself further as a business professional. In the long run, I plan to build a successful career in consulting that is grounded in my understanding of both the accounting and marketing elements of a business. When I am not consumed with schoolwork or extracurricular responsibilities, I enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, and of course traveling. 

I am extremely excited to be studying abroad for the second time this summer in London, England. I recently participated in Global Service Learning where I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago, and the experience has definitely made me eager to travel as much as I can before I graduate from Pitt. Upon the completion of the program, I am looking forward to exploring Europe and experiencing all it has to offer with my mom, dad, and older brother. 

The international program that I have chosen to take part in is known as the Global Business Institute London: International Accounting Issues. The program is geared towards accounting students and gives participants the opportunity to take a 3-credit course that discusses international accounting issues while simultaneously participating in a 3-credit internship in the field of accounting. My reasoning for choosing the program can be credited to two major elements. The first being the location, London, and the second being the program’s focus on accounting specifically. As an accounting major, I believe that the opportunity to participate in a course and internship that is located in an extremely business centered city will be invaluable for both my academic and professional career. 

I hope to gain numerous transferable skills and personal learnings as a result of my participation in this program. Primarily, I am looking forward to working with diverse groups of professionals and experiencing how I behave in settings that are culturally unfamiliar to me. Along with that, I hope to build upon the cultural competency that I started developing in Global Service Learning and continue to learn more about how different areas of the world operate both socially and professionally. In addition, I am hopeful that I will become an adaptable and flexible professional who is able to balance classes and an internship while living in an international city that is completely foreign to me. Lastly, I am hoping that I can find more defined sense of independence as a result of this program and learn how to manage my money, my time, and most importantly my health without the guidance of the support system that I am used to having here at Pitt.