My Third Trip Across the Pond (with Pitt Business)



My name is Vincent Vallorani, I am a Senior Finance and Accounting Dual major within the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration. I have completed a minor in Economics and a Certificate in Data Analytics for Business Management. I’m from a small town outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania called Kennett Square.

Kennett is a bustling small town that holds an identity of being the “Mushroom Capital of the World.” I can never stop mentioning this because my family have owned and operated a Mushroom farm for four generations and I personally hold this town close to my heart. Growing up in this small town sparked my desire to go live and experience the city life which is how I made my decision to go to Pitt, one of the best decisions in my life. One of Pitt’s biggest draws was Pitt Business’ mission to expose their students to the world. With the help of scholarships along the way, I’m extremely happy to say Pitt fulfilled their side of the bargain. Having participated in Pitt Plus three in Vietnam, and the Global Business Institute in London, I’ve been able to broaden my small farming town horizons to the likes of which I would have never imagined. Now I set my sights on culminating my college experience with a trip to three fantastic cities, (and countries), in Eastern Europe, Prague, Budapest and Krakow.

Uniting my desire to travel with my academic ambitions, I am going to be studying the comparative economics of these countries, and rounding my economics minor out having studied about the Economics of the European Union in my Junior year. Thanks to Pitt, I’ve been able to explore another awesome interest of mine, in Architecture. This Semester I am finishing up my Modern Architecture class, and I’m extremely excited to take this new-found knowledge and see some fantastic examples of Pre-Modern and Socialist architecture from these former soviet-bloc countries. I hope to take a way a breath of new experiences from this trip and to have a strong appreciation of Eastern Europe’s architecture past.

Professionally, I hope to broaden my scope of global economics and the intricacies of the European Union. The countries I am visiting have a unique and fresh history with the European Union and I am beyond excited to hear how relatively new economic theories and globalization has affected both individuals and the country as a whole. I feel as though there is no better place to learn this than to experience it in person and this program will be a fantastic way to approach it.

On a more personal note, I hope to make new lifelong friends along the way, which I can very happily say I’ve achieved on past Pitt Programs.

I am so grateful to the University of Pittsburgh for the education I have already received, and the opportunities I have been granted. I could never imagine myself as I stand today without Pitt shaping me along the way, and I’m excited to pay it forward.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and Hail to Pitt!


Vincent Anthony Vallorani



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