Countdown to Dublin!

My name is Melanie Wetzel and I am a current sophomore at Pitt studying Finance & Accounting. Academically, some of my other interests are Economics, International Business and Spanish. I’m originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania which is about an hour north of Philadelphia. Because of this, I am a huge fan of all the Philly sports teams, especially the Eagles, Phillies and Sixers! I also want to give a little information about my interests. First of all, I’ve always had a passion for music. At Pitt, I am in an a capella singing group and I also do solo performances every once in a while singing and playing guitar. I always love to hear new styles of music and instruments so I am excited to explore this abroad. Furthermore, I also love to play sports and stay active. I am part of the club basketball team at Pitt; and I am an avid golfer in the summer. In addition, I enjoy running and riding bikes.

This summer I am lucky enough to be going to Dublin, Ireland! I am so excited to be traveling abroad and participating in my first professional internship. I chose Dublin because I wanted to learn more about the country and culture. I have also heard that it is a friendly city; that is extremely appealing to me especially during the current political climate. In addition to interning, I hope to be able to explore the city of Dublin. Hopefully I can visit some historical landmarks, listen to some live music, hike on the coastline and play golf! Ireland has such a long and enriched history that I am intrigued to learn more about.

Furthermore, I have set some professional and personal goals that I hope to gain from this experience. The main goal that I hope to accomplish in the workplace is gaining confidence in the business world. As this will be my first internship, I hope I can learn as much as I can about how to be a respectful, yet assertive employee. In addition, I want to learn more about the finance industry and what sector would be the right fit for my future career.

Another goal I have is to build cross cultural relationships. I am interested in getting to know my Irish co-workers and hopefully build relationships with them. I believe this will deepen my understanding of the Irish culture and increase my global competency. I hope in the future I will be able to be part of the international business world.

Navigation is definitely a personal area of improvement. Even though I can understand the Pittsburgh public transportation system, I’m sure there will be added complications in Ireland. I want to be able to visit other cities and neighborhoods outside of Dublin when I am abroad, but figuring out how to get there will be an added challenge. I hope by the time my program ends, I will be a pro at navigating Dublin.

I understand there will be cultural barriers and numerous obstacles when I go abroad, but I am ready to take them on. I feel extremely grateful and excited to be going on this program, and I can’t wait to begin the journey!