Summer, Sports, Sydney

Hi everyone, my name is Jason Costa. I am currently a sophomore at Pitt in the College of Business Administration. I plan on majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management while also receiving a certificate in Sports Management and minoring in Economics. Coming into college, I was not sure which business major I wanted to be. Luckily, one of the great benefits of the business school is the core classes that allow you to find your strengths and interests.

I was born and raised in West Caldwell, New Jersey. West Caldwell is located in the northern part of New Jersey. It is about 25 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel and a six-hour drive from Pitt. In my high school graduating class, I was the only one that decided to attend Pitt. It has been such an amazing experience being able to branch out and meet such great people here.

At Pitt, one of the best decisions I made was joining the Sports Business Association. It has opened my eyes to so many career paths in sports. After fully committing myself to SBA, I earned a spot on the Executive Board where I serve as the Vice President of Member Relations. In this role, I am responsible for organizing service and social events for the organization.

My professional experiences up to this point consist of working as a customer service representative for State Farm Insurance and starting in the fall, I will be a Marketing Intern for Pitt Athletics during my junior year. Working in sports has always been my dream job, so when I found out Pitt offered a sports business study abroad program in Sydney, my eyes lit up. I knew this was a program I could not pass up.

This upcoming summer in Australia will be my first time studying abroad. During this time in Sydney, I will be completing a sports-related internship and taking Sports Marketing. I am so excited for the opportunity to be gaining real-world experience in the sports industry and expanding my marketing knowledge, all while engulfing myself in a brand new culture. It may be an adjustment at first, but know it is going to be such a valuable and unforgettable six weeks.

In about a month, I will be boarding a plane to head across the world to Australia. Despite the long travel, I am so thrilled about the journey ahead!