Living in Color

iHola todos! My name is Ciera Thomas, and I am a junior at Pitt. I am majoring in Media and Professional Communications as well as pursuing a Spanish minor. I love art, especially filmmaking, digital media, and music. I have been able to connect a lot with the art scene in Pittsburgh because there are so many museums and galleries downtown that I am lucky enough to get into free with my Pitt ID. I think that is an important part of becoming a well-rounded student.

Here at Pitt, I have been able to get involved a lot on campus. I am a member of the organization UPTV (University of Pittsburgh Television), where we make a lot of shows and other media content to share with the school. Next year I will be the Station Manager of UPTV, so I’m excited to run this organization and try to improve and strengthen it for future Pitt students who want to be involved with media.

As far as professional experience, I am currently an intern for Student Affairs at Pitt. I am a video production intern and I have had such a great time working in this position! I get to photograph and video many events around campus such as PDM, Be a Good Neighbor Day, Convocation, etc., as well as film and edit videos that are displayed around campus such as Riding in Cars with Kenyon and the Bystander Intervention video. I have made so many valuable connections and friendships through this work and I have learned so many things that I can use in my future career. I am so excited to be able to take these skills with me as I go abroad and come back with new ones to use here!

I will be pursuing and internship this summer in Madrid Spain through the International Internship Program offered by the Business School. I have never been more excited in my life! I chose this program because I thought it was the perfect blend of my major and minor. I will have an internship in my field and be able to practice and better my Spanish speaking skills and understanding of the language. I have never been to Spain, but my professor described it as:

“Living here is like living in black and white. But whenever I go to Madrid, it’s like I’m living in color”

That has stuck with me. I can just imagine the beauty over there and the liveliness. I won’t have to imagine for much longer. I haven’t obtained my internship placement yet, but it will be in the field of video production or digital media. I know I will be able to build on what I have already learned from my internship here at Pitt and I am so excited to grow in this field professionally. I am also very eager to make similar connections in Spain that I have made here. Academically, I know that my Spanish skills will flourish, because I feel like that is the push that I need to excel in my minor. In addition to professional and academic growth, I know this will help me grow as a person. I will be completely immersed in a new culture around new people. I will essentially be forced out of my comfort zone, which provides the biggest opportunities for growth. I hope to be more confident and be able to better express my thoughts and feelings after this trip. I cannot wait to stop living in black and white and see how it is like to live in color in Madrid!