Living in Sydney

The past three months have been some of the best in my entire life. I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to study here in Sydney. Of course, I have thought about my life after college and if I would ever live In Australia. The main deterrent for me is the distance from home. Being this far from my family has been tough, but it has also been a great experience. Living here would be amazing, but definitely very expensive. If I were to live in Sydney it would have to be in or around the CBD area. I would like to be right in the heart of the city even though it is the most expensive. Being in the heart of the city would allow me to experience the night life and wonderful restaurants that Sydney has to offer. I would also like to be close enough to the beaches though. There’s nothing better than getting some sun on a hot weekend day. Going to the beaches is important to me and I am glad that Sydney has so many to offer in the area.

As for work, I don’t think I would keep the same internship that I currently have. My internship right now at Garlos Pies has been very rewarding and I really enjoyed working with the employees at the company. Yet I don’t think that what I did at Garlos is what I would like to make a career out of. While living in Sydney I would like to work in the CBD area as well. Right now, I’m not really sure exactly what I want to do in Finance but I could see myself in investments or venture capitalism. I definitely still have a lot to figure out before I graduate.

Overall living in Sydney would be an amazing experience. It is such a fun and lively city with so much to do. I’ve been here for over three months and haven’t come close to seeing everything in the city. I think if I lived here I would need to explore the suburbs more. From what I have learned in class and from my coworkers, the outer suburbs provide Sydney with very diverse and culturally rich areas that are worth exploring. That is something that I haven’t been able to do much and would love to.