Abroad in Australia

Hello all! My name is Ben Fleisher and I am a sophomore pursuing a marketing major, along with likely certificates in sports management and business analytics. I am from Herndon, VA, which is about 45 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. I chose marketing and those certificates after coming in as a finance major and statistics minor. I enjoy the creativity of marketing and have always been very passionate about sports in general and as an avid fan of D.C. sports. I am a big numbers guy, but statistics didn’t feel applicable to me, so I switched to business analytics. I have traveled all over the world to eleven countries outside the United States, including Vietnam on the Plus3 program last summer. I had a great first study abroad experience and can’t wait for my second one this summer.

I am involved around campus in PGN, my business fraternity, and Sports Business Association. I am thankful for SBA for exposing me to this sports business program in Sydney, as it’s right up my alley. In PGN, I currently serve as the alumni relations chair and am looking forward to running for E-board next semester. As a member of SBA, I was a part of the Events Committee for multiple charity tournaments. In terms of classes, I have really enjoyed my time in advertising & sales promotion this semester, as we worked on ads for Pitt Baseball.

My work experience this past summer was with Manor (formerly known as UpsideDoor) as a marketing intern. That experience, paired with my academic experience thus far, has narrowed my focus to marketing. I also have been an intern for a co-working space. My experience professionally in sports as of now has been coaching a 5th-6th grade basketball team during my senior year of high school and that was an absolute blast. I helped out at the NCAA Wrestling Championship by executing merchandise sales of over $15,000 in one day.

I knew I wanted to study abroad for an extended period of time and this study abroad program in Sydney was the one for me. I love my time at Pitt, so I wanted to study abroad during the summer. I wanted to have an internship this summer and I won’t go without that with having an internship with an Australian-based sports team. I’ll also be taking sports marketing, which is a marketing elective that I would have taken here at Pitt and it fits the sports business theme nicely. Six weeks seems like a perfect amount of time to be abroad, as well. I hope to enhance my transferrable skills and gain valuable experience in the sports field, which is so important to get your foot in the door.

I am ecstatic and so thankful that I get this opportunity to live, work, and study in Sydney, Australia. In exactly one month, I will be boarding my flight to Sydney and I look forward to sharing my memories with you all.