Madrid Here I Come!


Hello, my name is Matt Maloy and I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh in the College of Business Administration.  I come from a small town called Wilmington, Delaware (about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia)—in fact, it is so small that we only have one area code for the entire state!  I am currently pursuing a major in finance, a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Leadership & Ethics.  Outside of the classroom, I am an active member of the Delta Sigma Pi professional fraternity and I am currently serving as the Vice President of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.  I decided to come to Pitt due to all of the opportunities it has for Business students as well as how the campus is integrated into the city.  One of my favorite things about Pittsburgh is that there are so many things to do on the weekends and everything is a short bus ride away.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends, visiting the various sites in Pittsburgh, watching Netflix, playing basketball and dancing.


I chose the IIP Madrid program because I have been wanting to go abroad since I arrived at Pitt, but I also understand the importance of obtaining work experience.  This lucrative opportunity allows me to do both in one summer.  The chance to obtain an internship in another country will not only enhance my professional skills but also be the experience of a lifetime.  It is hard to determine which specific career path I would like to take in the future since I am only a sophomore.  As of right now, I hope to work in banking in a big city and possibly attend law school a little further down the line.  However, the future is uncertain, and I know that this internship will allow me to get a better understanding of what I would like to do in the future.  Furthermore, by taking part in this program I will finally get the chance to immerse myself in a Spanish speaking environment in order to improve my Spanish speaking ability.  I am excited to be able to apply everything that I have learned in my various Spanish classes to a real-life situation.  I understand that it will be a challenge since I have never lived in a non-English speaking country before but since I will be living with a host family, I trust that I will pick it up rather quickly.


I am very excited to take part in the IIP and immerse myself in Spanish culture this summer.  I look forward to tasting the many delicious foods, experiencing the history of Madrid and cultivating relationships along the way.  Sadly, I’ll have to wait one more month until I can finally experience it all.  Until next time!