Daydreaming about Dublin


My name is Vrunda Patel and I can’t wait to begin my adventure in Dublin. I’d like to think that I’m determined, adventurous, and confident. A lot of those traits and others were brought out in me at a young age when I started dancing. I’ve been dancing for thirteen years and started out with classical Indian dance. I’ve always loved to dance and it taught me a lot about life and myself. Aside from having a passion for dancing, I love to travel the world. My love for my own culture extends to others as well and allows me to appreciate everything the world has to offer. I enjoy going to different countries and living like the locals while also being a tourist. Every country in the world has something unique to offer and I have the dream of seeing it all. I also love to read and would always have my nose in a book when I was younger. I no longer read as much over the school year, but try to fit in as many books as I can over the summer break. 

Determination also follows me into my academic life. I am a very hard worker and hate to procrastinate. I tend to do things way in advance and like checking them off my to-do list. My academic life as of now is steering me towards trying to become an asset in any company or field by learning the skills of the future. I want to be a part of a global business and learn from different perspectives around the world. In many ways, going to Dublin and having this experience helps me further my career goals. Since, I am interested in global business, this is the perfect way to see what it is like in my intended field. With a major in finance and information systems and a minor in computer science, my academic experience is headed more towards technology. Being in the digital hub of Europe allows me to learn in one of the best places, around experienced companies. The Dublin program is a great introductory mix of everything I hope to do. Any internship can teach me about the industries of finance and technology, however, being abroad adds the international perspective. Additionally, many skills can be learned or solidified through this experience. For one, adaptability is key in that work in various different industries must be done under many situations. Spending two months in a country I know nothing of is one of the best ways to learn how to adapt to the situation I’m in. Solidifying presentation and communication skills is also imperative. Working in a country with a different culture and with a company I am new to reinforces my need to communicate appropriately and effectively. Being alone and independent teaches me many necessary future skills and also allows me to learn in the cultural and technological capital of Ireland. Dublin is a learning experience that can only benefit me in my future career, no matter which industry it may be in.