Finals Today, Dublin Next Month!

My name is Holly Linder and I am so excited to finally be starting my journey to Ireland through the International Internship Program! It’s hard to believe that next month I’ll be living in Dublin starting my professional internship. I just finished my sophomore year here at Pitt as a Marketing major with a minor in international relations. At Pitt, I am a member of Phi Beta Lambda and Society for International Business, two professional business organizations on campus. In Phi Beta Lambda, I was recruitment chair for the spring of 2019, where I got to use different marketing skills and improve my communication. In SIB, I was vice president this past semester, working closely with the president and bringing in professional guest speakers to talk about working internationally. I love communicating, planning, and creating, so I knew marketing would be a great career. My minor helped foster my desire to be more aware of the world around me, politically and culturally. Seeing how my interests have progressed so far in my life regarding my want to be more culturally knowledgeable has been amazing to reflect on. After I gained a passion for traveling from a brief trip to Europe, it led me to pursue my minor in international relations, further pushing me to take this class in global service learning.

I am taking part in the International Internship Program (IIP) in Dublin, a unique experience giving students the opportunity to travel abroad while partaking in a professional internship. I chose this program because it will give my professional work experience, a chance to learn more about another culture, and the program’s length. This program lasts half the summer, giving me the opportunity to go abroad but also leave me time to work and see family and friends at home. I am eager to see what internship I get placed into, hopefully, something relating to my interest in marketing. I am also excited to see how company culture and work will be different compared to the United States. Every trip I have taken outside of the US was 2 weeks or less, so I am excited to be gone for 2 months learning about a different culture! In those short trips, I learned so much about different aspects of that country’s culture. With this longer trip, I am hoping to grow and learn personally, professionally, and academically. Personally, I hope to become more culturally competent living abroad by learning as much as I can about Ireland during my time there. I also aim to become more independent as a result of this trip. This will be one of the first times I am truly on my own far away from family and friends. Academically, I hope to gain different skills in marketing and business that I can apply to my future career. I have never worked in a job directly related to my major, so I am excited to learn as much as I can. Professionally, I want to develop different transferable skills.