Prepping for a New Life in London!

Hello everybody! My name is Alexis Coggins and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration. I am majoring in accounting and business information systems, as well as pursuing a certificate in business analytics. In addition to my academic pursuit, I am also involved in numerous clubs around campus. I serve on the executive board of my college’s Women in Business organization as the Vice President of Operations; in this position, I maintain record of about 115 member’s active membership points and send out weekly emails detailing different opportunities and events WiB offers throughout the semester. I also serve on the recruitment committee of the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, where I help gauge potential members’ interests and assist in setting up various events. As an accounting major, I also found it very beneficial to become an active member in the University of Pittsburgh Accounting Association. Finally, in order to help break up my day and involve myself in something unrelated to business, I became a member of my campus’ yoga club.

When it comes to my professional goals, I hope to graduate in April 2021 with 150 credits in order to sit for the CPA exam. I see myself working at a Big Four accounting firm in the Philadelphia area. I have an interest in the auditing side of accounting, but I hope to pursue an internship the summer of my junior year that involves rotations so I can solidify my choice in what area of accounting in which I’d like to work. My personal interests include lot of reading and writing; I tend to stick to a routine of reading one book a month and writing one journal entry a week. Although I haven’t done it much, I really love to travel. Being from New Jersey, I have always wanted to go to college further away from my small hometown, and I’ve always loved the thought of studying abroad, so the fact that this dream is now becoming a reality is extremely exciting to me!

I have chosen to attend the GBI: International Accounting Issues program in London, England. This program will focus on international accounting and how it relates globally with American standards. I will be taking a class, called Survey of International Accounting Issues and the IASB, as well as doing an internship during this six-week program. This class includes learning about different accounting issues each week and attending site visits at different firms around the London area. Although I will not be notified of where I will be interning until two weeks before the start of the program, I have identified my interest placement areas to be in either an accounting- or information technology-related field in order to complement either one of my majors.

I believe the transferrable skills I intend to gain from this experience will be indispensable for my future career path. Firstly, I hope to bolster my knowledge of accounting with the three-credit class I intend to take. I imagine this will provide me with the novel experience that will set me apart from other students pursuing the same career as me. In my internship, I see me gaining important skills such as teamwork, leadership and time management. In my interview with the team who will be placing me in my internship position, I explained that I would prefer working for a relatively larger company, so this will include a lot of interaction with my coworkers. I see myself often working in teams, so hopefully this will provide me with the communication skills and leadership abilities I can use in future professional situations. Considering both my internship and my class, as well as my desire to travel and explore the city, juggling all of this will certainly aid me in honing that time management skill.

I can so clearly remember the day I paid my deposit which made my commitment to the program official; it was extremely surreal. Originally, I was filled with apprehension and nervousness. I have never traveled this far out of the country before, let alone for this long of a time. However, as the departure date draws closer and closer, I’ve grown to be more thrilled than anything else. To be able to attend such an exciting program is truly an adventure I cannot wait to experience. But, until then, the countdown will continue!