To Dublin


I am very excited to announce that I will be studying aboard in Dublin, Ireland this summer! A little bit about me, my name is Jack Marquis and I am a sophomore majoring in accounting, finance, business informations systems and supply change management. I am also getting a minor in Economics. I hail from the great state of Pennsylvania from a small town called Philadelphia. I chose to come to Pitt because I loved the beautiful campus and how it is part of a city while also having its own area. I also did not want to spend too much on college so Pitt was a great fit for me because of the in state cost. For fun I like to read (mainly science fiction and a little bit about psychology), ride my bike, hang out with friends and play basketball. I am also a huge Eagles fan (go birds!). I chose to study business because I became really interested in the stock market before coming to school so I figured business would be a good fit. I hope one day to run my own business or be a partner at an accounting firm. I also enjoy learning about politics, philosophy, and religion. I hope that the experience in Ireland will allow me to learn about another culture and change the way I view the world. I also hope to find another hobby or interest to pursue while I am over there. I love to learn about new things so this is a great way of doing that.

I chose IIP because I wanted to study abroad again after having such a great time in Italy on Pitt Plus3 last summer, but I also knew it was important to have an internship, so IIP was a great fit because it allows me to do both. Having never had an internship before I hope to get to apply what I have learned in CBA to a real world scenario. I also hope to learn the basic everyday workings of a business competing in a competitive market. I would also like to find out what kind of job I want when I graduate from CBA. Having four majors and a minor makes it a little difficult to know what kind of job I want to pursue, so I am hoping that by gaining experience in a certain industry, it will be easier to determine what I would like to do. I chose to go to Ireland because that is where most of my family originated from, so I hope to learn a little more about where I originate from. I have also never been to Ireland and I want to take this great opportunity that Pitt has offered me to go and explore the world. 

I am very excited to go see more of the world and learn about business at the same time. I  can’t wait to walk the streets of Dublin and learn about Ireland’s rich history, but until then I’ll have to wait. Until next time! 

-Jack Marquis