Off to Paris

Hello, my name is Jordan “Simone” Marshall. I am a third year industrial engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh, with a minor in French Studies (thanks to the IIP program). In about a month, I will be heading to Paris for an internship!

I have a love for all things that rest at the intersection of Art and STEM, and I absolutely love to travel.

In the past, I have interned at The Stores Consulting Group for a semester. The Stores Consulting Group is a retail based consulting firm based in the Northeast. In addition to my time spent at tSCG, I have spent a summer LA working as a marketing intern at Wayfarer Entertainment. Wayfarer is a philanthropic entertainment firm owned by actor Justin Baldoni. In that same summer, I studied Project Management, Innovation, and French at INSA Lyon. In addition to my time spent in Paris this summer, I will be studying Strategic Marketing at Imperial College London. I literally cannot wait for these finals to be over and to take this next step across the pond in hopes of launching my international career!

Paris IIP is an international program that allows me to receive 6 credits towards my french minor and gain valuable work experience. I chose this program because I have been studying french for nearly 8 years, but I have yet to push myself over to edge to achieve fluency. It is my intention to improve my oral level of french while gaining the additional international work experience. I do not yet know what internship I will have; however, it seems as if I will be working in an Art Gallery. I already have experience in STEM and Business, so working at an Art Gallery will help satisfy the other side of my passion.

I hope to gain from the experience a better sense of what it would be like working in an international setting. I have always said that I want an international career, but an international career in theory is not the same as it is in practice.

Attached below is a picture of myself! Can’t wait to update this blog further as the weeks progress.