Hello everyone! My name is Kayla Paterini and I am currently finishing my second year here at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in business information systems and supply chain management. Here at Pitt, I am a Nationality Room Tour Guide and Oakland Zoo leader. I really love these two positions as they have taught me a lot over the last years and both allow me to work doing something I genuinely enjoy. After I graduate next year, I hope to start my career with a job in my field. Once I gain some experience, I plan on returning to academia to pursue some form of graduate school. I have a few ideas, but I am currently undecided on the exact path I will take in this regard.

I grew up near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and, although I enjoy traveling, I have not done nearly as much of it as I would have liked. I have been to some incredible places, but, when asked about it, I usually respond with, “I have never left this time zone.” However, that is about to change this summer when I make the jump from Eastern Standard Time to Central European Time.

In May I will leave for Germany where I will participate in the International Internship Program in Berlin. I was very excited when I learned that Pitt offers this type of opportunity. I always knew I wanted to study abroad in college, but because I am graduating a year early, I really did not have an entire semester to spend overseas nor the need for extra elective credit. The Berlin IIP seemed like the perfect fit for me as I will fulfill my dream of studying abroad while gaining valuable work experience in the process.

I recently confirmed my internship placement at Juniqe, a growing start-up company in Berlin that sells art and home decor in the European market. I will be assisting them with their new account in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. I cannot wait to begin working for Juniqe as the internship provided the chance for me to apply what I have learned from all of my classes in the College of Business Administration.

The next several months will have a lot of firsts in store for me. As I have mentioned, this will be my first time in Europe, as well as my first internship experience. I am beyond excited as I know this program will help me develop myself professionally and personally. I am always excited about trying new things, and this summer will be very different from anything I have experienced before.

My flight leaves in twenty-two days so I will be sure to update soon. Until then, I really need to get back to studying for finals week.