Oh my! Shanghai

Hey guys! My name is Fiona Kean and I just finished my sophomore year at Pitt. I grew up in New Jersey, I could go on for days about the pizza and bagels but that’s not what this blog is about. Growing up I would go into NYC with my friends and I knew that I when I grew up I wanted to live in a city. A lot of my family is from Pittsburgh and during one of our family reunions my junior year I toured Pitt and loved it. I have always been drawn to cities so its no wonder that Shanghai interested me. Shanghai is China’s largest city and its commercial and financial hub. It is directly translated to the “on the ocean”, which is another exciting aspect about this trip because I love to go to the beach.

On Campus, I am in a workout club on called CHAARG and also the VP of a club called She’s the First. I have always loved to stay active, so when the weather gets nice I like to hike in schenley or lay in schenley plaza. I am a total foodie and in my free time I love to find cool restaurants to eat at so definitely looking forward to trying new and different food in Shanghai.

I am a Marketing major, Chinese minor. I am also pursuing two certificates, one in Business Analytics and the other in International Business. I hope to get an internship in China that is related to marketing analytics. I became super interested in analytics this year after I participated in an analytics consulting project for Pitt Athletics. My post graduate goal is to have a career in Marketing analytics on an international scale. Using my knowledge of the Chinese language in my future career would prove to be highly useful and in my hunt for a future career having the ability to say I not only have been to China but worked at an internship will give me the real world experience employers are looking for.

I have always dreamed of traveling the world so I am excited that my first stop is Shanghai. The program I chose is GBI: Shanghai. Through this program I will live in Shanghai for 8 weeks. During those 8 weeks I will have an internship, take a chinese class, and take a class in international marketing. While in Shanghai, I hope to advancing my conversational skills, gain work experience in a field and country I am interested in, and learning more about Chinese culture. I have been studying chinese since 6th grade and have always wanted to go to China. When I learned of this program I fell in love with the idea of being able to have an internship in China. Being able to work in an internship while studying abroad in a country I have spent 9 years learning about sounded perfect. I hope in my time abroad I am not only able to advance myself professionally and academically but also personally…. and maybe eat my body weight in dumplings.

See you soon Shanghai!