Learning Accounting in a Financial Capital of the World

Hello, my name is Jack Keeler, and I am a rising sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration (CBA). I am a hardworking, customer focused student born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania which is about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. My hobbies include playing basketball, attending Pitt sporting events, and cheering on my New York sports teams.

My current academic plan, while at CBA, is an Accounting & Business Information Systems major with certificates in Business Analytics & Leadership and Ethics as well as a minor in Economics.  Although all of the titles I intend to attain at CBA seems a bit complicated, I plan on leveraging the extensive technical background gained in these programs to get a job involving the combination of accounting and analytics. My dream job is working in assurance at a large accounting firm in New York City after college.

To be able to graduate with the 150 credits needed to sit for the Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) Exam in 4 years, I will be studying abroad this summer at the Global Business Institute: London International Accounting Issues. I chose this program because of the course offered and its location.

The course titled Survey of International Accounting Issues and the IASB, an accounting major elective, will provide me with an experience unparalleled by any other course I could take at Pitt. The combination of classroom materials and experienced based learning in this course has drawn me to it especially. The classroom material tackles many of the fundamental issues that have arose from the differences in International and American financial reporting standards. Being able to understand these issues serves a great differentiator while applying for jobs and while on the job dealing with international clients in a forever globalizing business world. To top off the great academic premise of the class, there is an experienced based learning portion where those concepts are brought to life on site visits. These site visits range from the Bank of England to the International Financial Standards Board where we will be discussing the content we use during class and how it applies to their daily operations. The location of London serves as the perfect background to learn about these important issues because it is a financial capital of the world, and one of the places most affected by these issues.

I felt that my time at Pitt would be incomplete without an international experience. I feel this way because of how the business world continues to become more global. I have never left the United States, so this study abroad adventure will help me get out of my comfort zone immensely. I am very excited to be able to explore the great city of London and hopefully a couple other major cities while abroad because of my passion of travelling. Academically and professionally, I plan to gain the knowledge I alluded to when talking about the accounting elective course I will be taking while in London.  

Thank you for reading my introductory blog post, and I will be keeping you updated throughout my trip. Hail to Pitt!